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The Festival of Architecture and Interior Design (FOAID) is one of the most celebrated architecture and design festivals in the world. It brings together a magnificent experience and an exchange of innovative ideas coming from worldwide architects, developers, consultants, PMC contractors, investors and decision makers. Today’s presentation by Ricardo Bofill at FOAID was focused on how we have very little time left to save Earth! We don’t need innovations in styling,

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Global warming. Runaway heat gain, could transform Planet life in exponentially rapid time. As we prepare for astroid impact in 10 years, so we must be prepared for a sudden 5 degree temperature increase. The idea of the city being a living super-organism resilient to climate change still causes outrage. Consider for a moment the first design of electrical telephone networks of a city, wires extended from a central node, exactly like the branches of a tree. Like an organi

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