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Ricardo E. Bofill has been interviewed at La Fábrica for a new episode of AnyLab Talks, the digital platform about people in Architecture and Design culture. His optimistic idea about a narrative and biological architecture that can redefine social smart cities can be apreciated along the whole conversation with the host of this podcast, Nurgul Yardim Mericliler. It even lets space for some of his best childhood memories in the intelectual context where his father, Ricar

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La Fábrica, Ricardo Bofill’s home and architecture office in Barcelona, has become an integral feature of Westworld, the HBO science-fiction tv serie directed by Jonathan Nolan y Lisa Joy. The show, that has just returned to the screens on its third season, revolves around a highly advanced Western-style theme park built in the near future. Its humanoid robots escape from it to discover the real world, a real world that now mostly takes place in 2058, showing a great l

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