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Future cities: 2200

Future cities: 2200

Future cities: 2200

Global warming. Runaway heat gain, could transform Planet life in exponentially rapid time. As we prepare for astroid impact in 10 years, so we must be prepared for a sudden 5 degree temperature increase.

The idea of the city being a living super-organism resilient to climate change still causes outrage. Consider for a moment the first design of electrical telephone networks of a city, wires extended from a central node, exactly like the branches of a tree. Like an organism, cities already input food by transport, and output waste, to self-regulate. This is a primitive super organism.

RBTA is looking to design resilient cities with AI tools looking into in Geo-engineering, bio-engineering and City design / architecture to produce the seeds of future solutions. The Lecture by Ricardo Bofill shall combine such cutting-edge research with examples of ongoing “standard” projects, in an attempt to mix future visions with today’s reality.