Tropical Venice, smart town on the water, one hour south of Mumbai.

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Project Details
  • Project Name : Attivo Mumbai
  • Location : Alibag, Maharashtra. INDIA
  • Floor area : 1,000,000 m2
  • Land surface: : 1,000,000 m2
  • Construction : Awaiting permits

The Smart City

Technology and nature converge to make a metropolitan atmosphere that is located in this specific location, a unique confluence of the Amba River and the land. The Smart City concept is based a scheme that controls the water level in the time of global warming and rising Sea waters.

The urban design and architecture provide a small city with all the elements that make it smart and rooted to its location, taking what is there to the next level in smart design. A city for 18 thousand people that live and work here.

Inspired in nature

The city envelope is inspired in nature. The small city acts as a living organism that interacts with its natural environment. This merging of urban and natural ecosystems through Earth science, biogeochemistry, the emerging subject of geo-physiology, and “deep ecology”, emphasizes the principle of equality of all living things.


The smart city is surrounded by walls that contain the water with underground piers and infrastructure, pumps and storm-water drainage, as well as above-ground plinths and walls for retaining floods, as well as a complete hydraulic scheme that creates the interior water network.

The interior water-world of canals and rivers, where nature and human experience is physically connected, activates the sensation of feeling better by interacting with nature. New canals provide the residents with private access to their house from the water. Residents and guests as well as visitors may arrive with a ferry boat to the central jetty on both sides of the central spine of the city from where walking or bicycle is the best option.