Bio-Medical Facility

Bioengineering EDEN Factory in Gujarat.

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Project Details
  • Project Name : Bio-Medical Facility
  • Location : Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA
  • Floor area : 221,300 sqf consisting 10 acres MP & 121,300 sqf facilities
  • Construction : Completed 2016


The original square and circle motif idea for the plan layout is proving flexible and adjustable to the complexity of the project functional intentions. Another important parameter is the 9 square grids, each square being 30 m x 30 meters with a separation of 3 m for an open-air corridor. This has allowed the workshop wide-span flexible floors. The original concept has always foreseen a courtyard with an elegant shaded sculptural arch as a central accent to this medical complex. All these with views onto this splendid planted courtyard with palms and fruit trees covered by a tall light catenary groined arch, making shade through slats.

A sequence designed for walking

To the West is the main gate which is aligned with the reception area for visitors and directors with a catenary vault atrium and imposing exhibition “walk around” for product display. The reception will give onto tearooms and visitors information areas. A very chic space is proposed to convince the buyers who visit along the main covered gallery which will have transparent and white glass walls onto the three primary spaces, laboratory, diagnosis and workshop with controlled glimpses inside these spaces.

To the North of the reception carrying on the curve of the façade is the training area separated from the administration block, to avoid noise and interference, by a covered communal space. In this area some general changing rooms and staff / employees office, accessed directly from the bus stop in the south street.

Engineering solutions

Walking around the South and East side is the plant area, a general M.E.C block (Engineering) with convenient access to the power supply. This plant building, maybe supplemented by further service items such as the S.T.P., cooling, garbage incinerators, etc., are all placed in the South East plot with good technical access. Next up the other side of the circle is the sterilization area which is separated from the utility and storage area by a small open court to allow service to the walls enclosing the sterile area and protecting any partial blow out of the roof which would not affect neighboring activities.

To the North, if this is the Phase I warehouse with covered loading zone yard and dock. This building is of considerable height and lies opposite to the future Phase II warehouse position which will give a very strong look to the complex.

Wrap around circle façade

Behind the perforated panels are glass windows floor to ceiling, in the case of the reception area and concrete block walls and sills where glazing is not necessary. Openings of any type can be kept without the perforated panels.

Interior facades, the square

The interior facades are made up of white aluminum panels attached to a concrete block wall. The interior laboratories are finished with plaster board and ceramic tiles and washable Formica panels.

Courtyard facade

Courtyard façade is entirely transparent glass on the four sides in this preliminary concept. A quadrangle of walk around gallery with seating and relaxing areas protected from sun and rain. There are door openings in the axis to allow visitors outside and to walk under the great shade Arch. This arch is a symbolic monument to enlightenment and meditation, ideal to mark the centre piece of this medical production complex.


Using various newly built projects by RBTA as models an iced water fed, air treatment unit system is perhaps the optimum system.

The cooling plant to refrigerate the water to + 4º can be in the plant room at the Eastern South corner, or just outside on the corner lot (nearby the transformer). The iced water would be pumped alongside normal water or waters (drink / flush) above the technical deck to the central area below the vault where the AHU’s would be place on a vibration proof podium in a central position. The cool air from the AHU’s would be directed over the top of the technical deck and connected to the downward impulsion grills (with automatic directional control) at low volume (no sound).

These impulsion grills are placed according to the air conditioning calculations and basically every quadrangle and wrap around room with whatever function is covered. The ducting would “trumpet” form reducing section from the A.H.U to the edge.

As the Client demands a concrete floor slab with direct finish, epoxy, granite or ceramic file, the air return is suggested in the base of the grid of columns forming the quadrangle. These columns are formed by I posts and are covered in a cylinder of white or colored alucobon with horizontal slits at floor level forming a “skirting” board concept which runs round the project, including protection rail.

The general partitioning system would also have air passenger vents next to the ground. Al return air would be sent up to the technical deck and back through the A.H.U or directly outside. Primary air would be taken from protected ducts at the sides of the vaults. Dust filters can be introduced.

The grid distribution of water and electricity or any other component is similar to the A/C. If all passes from the plant room, along the corridors or in the halls at approximately + 4.0 m height and is distributed in trays to the dropping points where the stainless steel stalactites are formed.

Acoustic design

The ceilings of the laboratories and communal work areas in acoustic tiles and some material is plaster, perforated panels with Rockwall sandwich, in order to reduce reverberation. The administration block, training and reception should have noble ceilings.

Water Harvesting

Every one of the 30 x 30 squares forming the project harvests water to maximum advantage. The edge of the roofs picks up the rain water and feeds it via external drain easy to maintain pipes to a central collector and from there to a water treatment plant and distributer in drinking and / or flushing, gardening water. This plant should be located at the South-east of the project as the pumps should be in the plant hall.