Brookfield Tech Space I

Efficient office space, maximum floor area efficiency, green building.

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Brookfield I
  • Project Name : Brookfield Tech Space I
  • Location : Noida, New Delhi, India
  • Floor area : 170,000 m2
  • Construction : Phase start - May 2018

Architectural Concept Description

The latest addition to Brookfield is the Gateway entrance Building 4, a monumental entry, welcoming flagship, the last building on the campus becomes the story of a new beginning.
Two buildings that are part of the same architecture, with landscape and amenities around to create and integration people and site.

Envelope and Materiality

The façade combines glass, transparent, translucent and opaque ACP panels welcoming the guests to the interior lobby. The envelope´s design is based on composed gateway archetypes.

The plan maximizes the column grid principle, adds required space in efficient cantilivers, cores in areas with limited views, maximizing floor plate flexibility.

Façade in glass and ACP. Lobbies area double height, full of light. Contemporary minimal and functional look and feel. White stone paving. White glass walls. Stainless steel. Simplicity in details.

Landscape and Masterplan

The Main central Landscape is a combination of local PALMS creating green layers of palm tree tops, that generate a world of shadows and breeze cross ventilation.

Places where we find chill outs, benches, greens, water features such as Lakes, walkways with refreshing pérgolas crawling with ivy and bougainvillea, amenities with fun F&B, on the same place where we work all day.