Brookfield Tech Space N2

FLAGSHIP office space, maximum area efficiency, green Building, main central axis position on Brookfield park.

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Project Details
  • Project Name : Brookfield Tech Space N2-Tower-11, Sec-135
  • Location : Noida, New Delhi
  • Surface : 175,606 SQMT = 2 millions SQFT
  • Construction : Start dic 2017

Design Concept explanation

The axial position of the property requires two challenging thigs to balance:
- achieve the landmark status of a prominent, distinct building - that is aspirational for the population working 24/7 inside, that also generates an ecosystem where the desire for excellence is implicit in the design
- achieve a fast-track quality construction at cost, with the given materials and brown-field site.


The volume generated by the conditions and limits of the project generates a bulky, non-descript massing that is to squarish to elevate our senses. For this reason, the design articulates the building in two distinct elements united by a core and a special façade in the central axis. In this way, we have generated in a “gateway typology”, both a climax to the Brookfield campus axis, and an entrance to a new world.


The concept of the façade is to make a modern building that provokes some deeper though than the generic campus buildings. Why is the base black stone? It’s the desire to make the building look lighter, less heavy, floating. A sort of anti-base of two levels. The design though behind the vertical fins is to elongate the massing on the vertical direction, making the building less massive, slimmer and more elegant. The rounded terraces or platforms carry the theme of the doors or gateways that articulate the building to provide a sense of scale and become friendly, inviting.

Working space experience

The building has been efficiently designed, amalgamating all components (structural, mechanical, VT, sustainability) to make one holistic experience. It combines a 24/7 rotating IT population, with a comfortable arrival experience and vertical transportation, as well as a grand lobby and commercial experience on the ground level.

Landscape and master plan

A master plan design that takes into consideration vehicular and pedestrian traffic (mobility), new premium buildings and landscape considerations such as the black mirror water feature to enhance the campus façade as seen in key rendering.