El Dorado

PMAY-HFA. Affordable housing, elegant ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle, amenities, club, sports, township with unique identity, quality construction and speed of delivery.

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Project Details
  • Project Name : El Dorado
  • Location : Bangalore, India
  • Site area : 50 acres = 202,343 sqmt
  • Built Area : 650,000 sqmt BUA aprox


Brigade EL DORADO. PMAY-HFA. Affordable housing, Bangalore. Elegant ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle. Amenities, clubs, sports, retail. Township with unique identity. Quality construction and speed of delivery. EL DORADO is made of comfortable residential neighborhoods that together make a “small healthy city”.

Design approach

El Dorado is conceived like a mix use small green city. El Dorado includes 100 square feet of green garden space per unit, a ratio that speaks about the ecological principles underlying the design.

PMAY units intelligently combine with green, and with a vital variety of exciting cultural, sports, commercial, and social uses, that include retail and entertainment, comfortable hotel and clinic facilities and two lavish club houses. As well as ample functional and efficient car park facilities. Close to your unit.

Elevated design optimisation of variable elements and global/local thinking allows to generate the absolute maximum open air garden space, for each person living in ED to enjoy.

Master plan

The holistic approach to planning, urban design and architecture allows the 50-acre site to have a large 20 acre central green that connects all human places and units, and allows for a 700 meter long continuous parks and gardens area for sports and leisure activities.

This village in the sky (like “Shangrilla”, or “Xanadu”) is a place where people feel that they are (not living in a block or a tower) somwhere which is human and comfortable, somewhere GOLDEN, different, unique, where residents walking down to their unit feel important, they feel unique, and this feeling meets their aspirations.