International class A office space, small maximum efficiency floor plate, iconic corner, Gateway to BKC.

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Project details
  • Project Name : Ikon
  • Location : BKC, Mumbai, India
  • Floor area : 14,300 sqm
  • Construction : awaiting permits


The approach is simplicity. Using a selected number of architecture elements - like input data to a value engineered algorithm - the Project optimizes the usable and leasable space to the maximum, reaching the better efficiency. Top office space quality floor plate, with maximum flexibility to allow for multiple tenant configurations. Modular design allows changing market demands.


The glass envelope allows for maximum natural light for the office space, with rounded corner allows for a spectacular entrance with a great canopy.

Master plan

The master plan takes advantage of the site unique location, in the crossing of Santacruz Chembur and BCK CST Link Road, Icon becomes the Gateway to BKC, providing a dynamic image to the entrance to the prestige area.