Tropical smart city, residential and commercial ecosystems into one.

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Project Details
  • Project Name : Monsoon Breeze
  • Location : Bangalore, INDIA
  • Floor area : 1,500,000 sqm
  • Construction : Awaiting permits


Bangalore is a sizzling IT hub with world talents. A new Road encircles the city. In this green path new landmark developments are happening. Monsoon Breeze is a garden city with the latest international trends in Residential and Commercial building typologies. This dynamic mixed-use community offers generous public green areas; the residential buildings enjoy panoramic views over the central park or the valley surrounding the site. Served with excellent transport infrastructure, the complex is in close proximity with a wide range of public facilities.

The envelope

The envelope is designed to create a commercial flowing object under a curving roof that contains a high-tech feeling Interior Street in four exciting levels of undulating space wrapped in continuous advertisements, screens, brands, that engulfs the shopper in a dream. Multiplex, Theatre & Congress, Food & Beverage, Restaurants, Roof terraces with a view-deck over to the Residential towers that stand in a quiet classical mood.

The master plan

The master plan has a residential and a commercial function. The scheme provides 506,709 m2 of residential area distributed in three compounds with private car park for residents and visitors, 508,469 m2 of commercial area including a 70,000 m2 retail mall, 290,000 m2 of office space and 146,890 m2 of hotel and services apartments.

Units are adapted to sub-tropical savannah weather and local culture. The commercial project has a soul in the form of an Elliptical Plaza that embraces the space and the people who are invited to a great stage where films, entertainment and shows happen all day and night under the monsoon breeze, like a reinvented Spanish Plaza Amphitheatre. The exterior Stage in the of the half moon, half covered by the roof of the Mall, acts as an urban canopy for the rain and the sun. The two “arms” of the soul-space become a double-order Arcade, where artists, artisans, citizens may gather and sell their crafts and show their art.