Raj Bhawan and chief minister residence

AMARAVATHY, Andrha Pradesh

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Project details
  • Project Name : Raj Bhawan and chief minister residence
  • Location : Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
  • Floor area : 12,000 m2
  • Status : RBTA’s proposal for competition

The approach

The approach is to provide the new Andhra Pradesh Capital axis with a formal connection to the River Krishna. Both Ensembles create a symmetry, generating a smooth transition between the city and the water.


RBTA started with an idea of doing 2 very different building types; after Vastu analysis and guidelines, with the added concern of the gigantic commercial towers overlooking the Compounds, and strong master plan by Foster taking the super symmetry along the central axis all the way to our sites, RBTA believes in these culmination of the Capital City by the River Krishna, both Ensembles should be symmetrical, generating a gateway scheme to the water.

The Residence is composed of a modular system of “cubes” based on 9 meters, where all key buildings have double walls to create the appropriate monumental and solid look & feel. Inside these walls we have all engineering, structure, MEP, moving walls and jiallis as well as provide the perfect insulation for sustainability and climate control.

The master plan

The master plan is made of a sequence of courtyards: the Entrance plaza and main ceremonial drop off; the water plaza overlooking the Krishna River; the open air theater for official gatherings; and the mineral landscaped courtyard around which are the modular Chief Minister residence is spatially organized. The solid long and tall walls are placed on the South-West sides so that Vastu and security are respected.