Thane Paani

Oberoi Thane.
Residential mix use development

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Project Details
  • Project Name : Thane Paani
  • Location : Mumbai, India
  • Floor area : around 1 million square feet
  • Construction : RBTA’s competition proposal

Mumbai units

The units maximize functionally and aesthetically a spatial grandeur that extends to views to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the natural project landscaped podium to an optimal percentage of the apartments. Day and Night areas, clustering each in one side of the unit.


The arrival experience to Thane project is from the west. RBTA has studied the urban mobility strategy to make sure that we can have 15,000 cars come in and out at the peak hours, have the right parking solutions to absorb the impact and allows for the maximum flexibility. Mobility flows of separate uses, such as that interior unit construction crews / services and the residents.

Residential towers

Every single resident owns a piece of paradise in this vertical oasis growing from the podium where we have a vast amount of ground earth to plant and to create a platform of water and vegetation with clubs based on health, sports and amenities, that make this community move forwards with the vibe and unique personality, its own unique elegant comfort, with the spaces that provide the pleasure of living there in Thane. Local conditions optimized and the feeling of always having activities that make us happy.

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