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Ricardo Bofill talks about the future of workspace design

Ricardo Bofill talks about the future of workspace design

Ricardo Bofill talks about the future of workspace design

RBTA Principal Chief Architect Ricardo Bofill has been interviewed for the cover story of The Edge first issue, the magazine about placemaking released by Brookfield Properties. In keeping with the new normal, one of the great endeavors of this global real estate company is the construction of safe campuses for employees as they return to work in India. Our firm has undertaken the development of some of these projects, for instance Tower 11 at Candor TechSpace, in Noida. Talking about it enabled Ricardo Bofill to expose RBTA main considerations about the future of workspace design.

Now, more than ever, architecture studios have to rethink different possibilities that can satisfy increasing focus on accommodating social distancing and safe collaboration. As RBTA core values have always been in line with environmental and social architecture, some of the main characteristics of our designs are perfect for this purpose.

One of the examples that Ricardo Bofill underlined along the interview was the fact that the office tower RBTA is building in Noida for Brookfield Properties, instead of having a core in the centre of the floor plate, has a courtyard. It provides ample natural cross ventilation. This is a new concept for office spaces, and helps organisations to ensure a safe work experience for their employees. Since the whole design strategy for the new buildings in Candor TechSpace Sector 135 revolves around this natural ventilation and climate, RBTA is working in mechanical and natural systems to allow for airflow as much as possible, ideally at least one time per minute, but also in biological nano filters to improve the air quality.

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